Friday, July 13, 2007

Illegal Alien Madness

Two stories in the news--one national, one local--highlight the sheer madness that is our immigration policy and enforcement.

Detained Man Leads Police to Body of Missing Washington Girl

In Tacoma, Washington, the body of 12-year old Zina Linnik was found; she had been missing since July 4, when she disappeared from an alley behind her house. The suspect in this murder--who gave police information on the body's location--is a Thai immigrant, who is now being held in a federal immigation detention facility, facing possible deportation based on a 1990 conviction for incest. He is also a sex-offender who has failed to register as such.

Mom seeks to take slain son to Guatemala

Here in Louisville, Kentucky, the body of 4-year old César Ivan Aguilar-Cano was found Saturday in a garbage truck; he had been missing since June 29, when he disappeared while playing behind his apartment building. The mother wants to return to her native Guatemala to bury her son's body, but fears she will not be allowed back in the US because she's an illegal alien, who is under a federal deportation order signed in 1996. Neighbors say the boy was often seen wandering far from the apartment with no adult accompaniment. The boy's father--to whom, apparently, the mother is not married--will not be returning to Gautemala for the burial.

I will leave these stories here without further comment.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I live in a frickin' ghetto

Or, make that "a frickin' barrio".

I felt--or more correctly, smelt--the need to post this sign in the stairwell at my apartment this evening. As you can see.

And yes, they're almost certainly illegal aliens. They no habla. Had to call the police on them a few nights ago--at 1:00 am--because their drinking party (from the back of a pickup truck) led one of them to take a piss in the bushes right in front of the apartment building. And that was after I had politely asked them not to use my truck as their own personal bar stool.

Have I mentioned that I'm not particularly fond of illegal aliens?
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